Recycle Birdie in 90 Seconds

After Birdie’s sanitizing liquid + wipes are gone, you don’t have to throw him away. Learn how to recycle your Birdie in the simple tutorial below.

What You'll Need

Your (empty) Birdie
Your hands
Scissors or a pocket knife
Precision pliers
A recycling bin

Step 1: Remove the Top Half

Disclaimer: Please do not try to separate Birdie until he is empty. We engineered him so he doesn’t come apart.

When you’re ready, grip the upper and lower halves of Birdie firmly and twist hard until you hear a “click.” Gently pull the halves apart (don’t be afraid to wiggle them a bit to loosen). Place the top half to one side for recycling. Good job!

Step 2: Remove the Base

Pull firmly upwards on the empty bottle inside Birdie to detach it from the base, and place the base to one side for recycling.

Step 3: Remove the Pump Head

Gently pull the pump head off the bottle, and place to one side for recycling.

Note: If you stop here, you can recycle all Birdie’s parts except the bottle. If you wish to recycle that part too, you’ll need scissors or a pocket knife and precision pliers to remove the metal crimp (see final optional step).

Step 4: Remove the Metal Crimp (Optional)

If you’d like to recycle the bottle, you will need to carefully remove the metal crimp on the top and discard it. This step should be done very carefully so as not to injure yourself. Start by inserting the tip of a pair of scissors or a pocket knife under the metal to gently pry it up and away from the bottle. Do this the whole way around the bottle neck. Once loose, remove the metal crimp from the plastic bottle with precision pliers. You can then dispose of the metal crimp ring and recycle the plastic bottle.

Join Our Recycling Loyalty Program!

Don’t want to deal with recycling at home? Send us 10 empty Birdies and we will recycle them for you! In return, we will send you a free Birdie 2 pack of your choice. Simply email us at to learn more about sending your flock back.