Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered. Here are answers to some of your most frequent questions.

  • Where does Birdie hail from?
    • Birdie’s formula is sourced and produced in the United States.

  • Is Birdie refillable?
    • Good question. At this time, Birdie is not refillable but will last for over 350 sprays, keeping you company for awhile. Additionally, he is composed of recyclable plastic parts.

  • Are you Swedish?
    • We are not but we love the country!

  • Do you ship internationally?
    • Birdie loves to travel but he is currently only sold in the U.S.

  • What does this bird do?
    • He helps reduce bacteria on the skin.

  • Can I use Birdie multiple times a day?
    • Sure, use as often as needed.

  • The wipes arrived dry. Did they dry up in transit?
    • Thanks for asking. Nope we packaged Birdie with dry mini wipes. This way you can have a fresh, wet wipe anytime, on demand simply by spritzing.

  • What should I keep in mind while using Birdie?
    • He is for external use only.  Flammable.  Keep away from fire or flame.  If swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Central immediately.  Stop use and consult a doctor if irritation or redness develop.  Keep out of eyes, if liquid comes in contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water immediately.  Do not ingest or inhale.  Avoid use on broken skin.

  • Are your ingredients organic?
    • We are not currently a USDA certified organic product.  That is something we will look into for the future. That being said, we use the highest quality, all natural ingredients whenever possible. All of our inactive ingredients, including our lovely essential oils, are sourced with the utmost care for you, our beloved Birdie users.

  • Is this all-natural?
    • Whenever possible. All of our inactive ingredients including essential oils are all natural and sourced with the utmost care for you, our beloved Birdie user.  However, to discourage recreational consumption of our sanitizing liquid, we included denatured alcohol in our formulation which includes additives.

  • What ingredients are in your cleanser?
    • Birdie’s cleanser contains: Ethyl alcohol (65%), water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice, and essential oils (lemon, bergamot, spearmint).

  • Is Birdie single?
    • You just made his day!

  • How do I unlock this little guy again?
    • Look for the little OLIKA logo just below Birdie’s belly on the lower half of the product.  Turn 90 degrees counter-clockwise so that the OLIKA logo is now on Birdie’s back.  Happy day, he’s open!  To lock again, turn the OLIKA logo back to Birdie’s hip.

  • Can I name my new friend?
    • Naturally.

  • My wipes are all gone. Do you offer refills?
    • Good question. At this time, Birdie is not refillable.

  • My birdie won’t dispense liquid. Is he broken?
    • See how Birdie has a line through his belly? He’s in two parts so we could give him locking powers and make him safe for your bag. Just give him a twist and he should start dispensing liquid.

      Tip: When the little OLIKA stamp is on his back, he’s open. When it’s on his hip, he’s locked.

      Still not working?  Contact customer support and we can troubleshoot with you.

  • How do I take care of my new friend?
    • Birdie is a your new chill, go-with-the-flow friend – he doesn’t need much maintenance. Just remember to lock him before taking him on-the-go.

  • Is Birdie a Toy?
    • While Birdie is a good looking guy who everyone wants to hold, he is most definitely not a toy.  Adult supervision required.