Press Release – January 4, 2017

4 JAN 2017


Design to delivery, first-of-its-kind hand-sanitizer spray creates unique consumer experience

NEW YORK, January 4, 2017 – OLIKA, a personal care company, is pleased to announce the launch of its first product, Birdie— a beautifully designed, first-of-its-kind hand sanitizer spray, which marries form and function to create a delightful consumer experience.

Nature-inspired and inherently different by design, Birdie leads personal care product innovation with dual functionality. Birdie contains the cleaning power of a hand sanitizing spray, which includes 20mL of soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera leaf juice, while housing (10) textured dry wipes to capture dirt and grime. Complemented by the intrinsic beauty of minimalist Scandinavian design, the first-of-its-kind hand sanitizer spray from OLIKA offers both a unique and refreshing personal care experience.

“Birdie turns hand sanitizer, a traditional household staple and to date, an otherwise, unimaginative product on its head,” says Jessica Postiglione, CEO and co-founder of OLIKA. “With the perfect balance of design and function, we’re reimagining personal care products as enjoyable experiences— from superior formulation to conversation starter, Birdie is certainly unconventional and anything but boring.”

The new hand sanitizer spray from OLIKA boasts a simple signature fragrance with a sophisticated blend of aromatic notes inspired by nature, including aloe vera leaf juice and the essential oils of bergamot, lemon and spearmint.

Standing at 3×2 inches and complete with a locking mechanism, OLIKA’s “feathered friend” is easily transported. Birdie retails at $8.99 and is available in three colors—Robin’s Egg, Charcoal and Eggshell.

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OLIKA (pronounced “oo-lee-kah”) means “differently” in Swedish, and exemplifies our approach—from the way we design our products to the way we engage with our customers, we do it differently. Founded in New York, “OLIKA” is an acknowledgement of our love and appreciation of smooth, clean lines and minimalistic simplicity of Scandinavian design.

At OLIKA, we believe that products should be not only fill a void; they should also bring you joy. Birdie is the first of many products that will reinvent personal care and household staples.