About Us

Nature inspired ergonomics, different by design


OLIKA means “differently” in Swedish, and it’s our name because it exemplifies our approach. (It is pronounced "oo-lee-kah.") From the way we design our products to the way we engage with our customers, we do it differently. While we are based in New York, we felt the word "OLIKA" described our brand perfectly and its another acknowledgement of our love and appreciation of Nordic design.

At OLIKA we believe that products should be not only fill a void; they should also bring you joy. Birdie is the first of many products that will reinvent personal care and household staples. OLIKA sets a high bar for itself as it relates to design and innovation.  With each subsequent product launch, we hope to top the last. Trendsetters, tell your friends because Birdie is just the beginning...  



Form: Scandinavian Design

Our fearless leader has traveled extensively having visited every Nordic country at least once. During her travels she fell in love with the region’s design aesthetic. It is no coincidence then that our products are strongly influenced by the smooth, clean lines and minimalistic simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Function: Nature Inspired Ergonomics

We believe that products should not only be beautiful, but also functional. We drew inspiration from the raw materials, forms and natural movements in the world around us - from the mighty California redwoods to the lush, green scenery of New Zealand.


OLIKA’s holding company is Perkin & Perkin LLC (P&P) founded by the cousins Perkin.

P&P originated out of a trip to the emergency room. The younger cousin's son went to the hospital with a knee injury, and while there he noticed that the doctors were using a non-commercial, hand sanitizer to protect their hands. That sparked an idea...

The younger cousin enlisted the help of his older cousin, a serial entrepreneur, to investigate the hand sanitizer category as a potential consumer products white space. Together they raised the seed capital to bring to market a new, improved hand sanitizer. Via an extensive leadership search, the cousins hired a non-Perkin to develop and build the brand before you today.