Meet Birdie

Meet Birdie


Taking a cue from our real-life feathered friends, Birdie dedicates himself to helping others stay clean. While our handsome friend looks deceptively simple, Birdie's delivery was complex, informed by extensive research and expert industrial design.

Birdie is a unique 2-in-1 statement piece containing both a 20 mL hand sanitizing spray and 10 textured dry wipes. With soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera, our formula quickly cleanses the hands and leaves them feeling refreshed. The base of the bird houses the wipes for easy access at those times when you need more cleaning power.

At a little over 3 inches in height in 2 inches in width, Birdie is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. And trust us, once you pick him up he's very hard to put down. Our adorable feathered friend is currently available in Robin's Egg, Charcoal and Eggshell.


We tried almost every hand sanitizer on the market and conducted a lot of research and interviews to better understand the pain points associated with using hand sanitizer - namely the texture, smell and consistency.  We took this invaluable feedback to heart when formulating Birdie's sanitizing liquid.  With soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera, our formula quickly cleanses the hands and leaves them feeling refreshed.  Our signature scent is a simple sophisticated blend of aromatic notes inspired by nature.

Our natural sanitizing liquid contains ethyl alcohol, water, glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice and essential oils (bergamot, lemon and spearmint). 



Consumers are faced with a number of on-the-go cleaning options: gels, foams, lotions, wipes and liquid sprays. We created a product that combined our favorites together, a liquid spray and cleansing wipes, in one adorable package.

Birdie's spray is for those moments when you need a refresh, like when you had to stand on the subway and use a metal pole for balance. Our bird's dry wipes are there when you find yourself with visible grime on your hands and need more help than a spray can provide. Times like when you indulged in your favorite sugary treat and sweet, sticky food particles remained on your fingers.  

Birdie is ready to assist, whatever the situation.

Tale of the Tape

Birdie stands a little over 3 inches in height and has a stoutly 2 inch frame. His top half contains a fresh smelling hand sanitizer and his lower half contains ten (10) dry wipes. A quick turn of the halves will lock (and unlock) Birdie to prevent any accidental spraying.

Width (widest point) 2 in
Height 3 in
Volume 20 mL
Dry Wipes 10 count
Distinguishing marks OLIKA on hip


Birdie arrives locked. We purposely designed Birdie to ensure that the cleaning liquid does not accidentally spray when he is on-the-go. To unlock, turn the bird to the right 90 degrees so that the OLIKA logo is directly on the back of Birdie. (Turn back to center to lock.)

Keeping the product 6 or more inches from your hand. Push down firmly on the head of the bird to spray the sanitizer. (Don’t worry Birdie can handle the pressure.) Rub hands together until the liquid dries.

Dry wipes are housed at the bottom of the bird for use with the cleaning liquid as needed. Use wipe to remove surface level dirt and grime.


  • Eggshell
  • Charcoal
Robin's Egg
  • Robin's Egg

We Stand Behind Our Birdie

We understand that ordering from a new online, startup you have never heard of before is a leap of faith, so we offer a 100% guarantee. If you want to return Birdie to his home, we'll refund your purchase. We believe in our Birdie and the power of being nice.

Do No Harm

Birdie is made with natural ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils (bergamot, mint and lemon). No testing on our fellow birds (or animals) of a feather.

50¢ Shipping

There's nothing worse than finding a great little item online, only to find out that the shipping and handling costs as much as the product. At OLIKA, shipping is a flat rate of just 50 cents.  Straightforward and simple.